Pumpkin Stuffed Apples


Delicious Apple Dessert – baked apples filled with pumpkin, chestnut, dates, walnut and cinnamon! Perfect dessert or sweet snack, made without any refined sugar. Try it this winter, and enjoy this new amazing taste.
It is simple, you need only 5 ingredients, and your home will smell so yummy! Perfect mix of flavors! Try it, and let me know what kind of stuffed apples you prefer 🙂


INGREDIENTS (per 4 servings):

  • 2 apples
  • 200g pumpkin
  • 10 dates
  • 40g walnuts
  • 200g chestnut
  • 1 tsp cinnamon


1. Place chestnuts into a bowl with warm water. Leave them for 30min. This will help for pealing them later.

2. Dry the chestnuts and carefully cut their shell in cross shape. This is very important so nothing goes wrong while baking them. And be careful, shell is quite slippery.

3. Preheat oven to 220°C. Place the chestnuts into the smaller tray with pumpkin, and cover it with the baking paper. Bake them for 45-50 min.

4. Meanwhile cut 2 apples on half and remove the core from it. Place them into another smaller trey and put them in the oven with chestnuts and pumpkin, to bake on the same temperature, for 20 min.

5. Take out the apples from the oven and let them cool down. After some 20 min, chestnuts and pumpkin will be ready as well.

6. Peel the chestnuts and blend them with the pumpkin, dates and cinnamon.

7. Fill the apples with the blended mix, and serve them with blended walnuts.

NUTRITION FACTS (per 1 serving):

  • Calories ………….. 304 kcal
  • Protein ……………… 5 g
  • Total Carbs ……….. 57 g
  • Total Fat ………….. 2,5 g

PREPARATION TIME: 30 min preparation + 50 min BAKING = 80 min



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Christina Nifong says:

    This looks SO delicious. And I love cooking with pumpkin!! Thanks for recently following my blog. I wanted to invite you to take a look at my new blog: http://christinanifong.com If you like what you see, please sign up for my weekly email newsletter in the sign up box you’ll find here: http://christinanifong.com/category/blog/
    I have changed platforms and this is how I’m connecting with readers now. Thanks for taking a look!


    1. spineat says:

      Thank you, yes, pumpkin is always delicious inspiration! Thank you for your invitation, I will check it out 😀 😀


  2. randyjw says:

    Wow; this looks fantastically delicious — and no sugar! 🙂


    1. spineat says:

      Thank you, it is! And taste is very sweet from all the ingredients 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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